Inga the English Trainer

Inga and I have fused since she arrived to translate at one of the events on the trip through Austria. Meet Inga. She’ll be joining us at Factor e Farm, and this is growing to be a bigger story than expected.

Right now, we are begining an open source architecture process for building Inga’s House. A showcase of comfortable living. Local materials. We’ve got a contact for arched CEB roofs – we’ll see if we can pull them in. We’ll use Andrius’ method of organizing around a person – and Inga is project leader. We cater to her needs through global collaboration.

Here is the design process beginning – Franz, Marcin, Inga, Dustin, Michaela – as instigator, stakeholder, leader, architect, translation – respectively. See our initial planning session:

This fits into the context of Solar Village.

See further coverage of the Austrian adventure (in German) in Transition Austria.


  1. Lost Chief

    Inga has a very beautiful feeling about her. Very positive and refreshing. It must be amazing having her take your aroung that country. What a lucky find Marcin..


  2. Lost Chief

    Why dont i spell check. I keep forgetting im on this laptop and not used to this keyboard yet hahahah I swear im not retarded. But again im happy to see someone like Inga joining the project :+)

  3. Franz Nahrada

    See more on the user centered “Ingas House” design project aiming at connecting OSE to a virtual community of architects here:

  4. Lost Chief

    Hey Inga or anyone thinking about helping you on your home building project at OSE, you may want to download this video i uploaded that covers building vaults and domes from bricks.

    I personally have been doing allot of research in prep for building some homes out of brick. I plan on building them fully out of brick – walls,floor,roof.

    I have been following OSE for a little bit and the main holdup im trying to get figured out right now is how to properly get the soil mived. They have a couple ideas that may fix the problem but i have my doubts on some of the designs.

    My goal is to build the first home using only my own personal labor to show people that it can be done with minimal laborers and in a decent timeframe. I have built many things in my life and have full confidence i can manage my project. I plan on making a video showing the journey from dirt to comfy home to give to many of my family members who just dont believe in my vision. I will also give the information to the world via OSE.

    Anyways its great to see this project idea come along. Its perfect timing to help me in finishing my design for my own project home. I wasnt planning on using OSE for this just because i have such a clear vision of what the home will be. But i will put any of my research or ideas into your project.

  5. Jeremy

    Cool, Lost Chief! We’re looking forward to your progress!

  6. Ama

    hmmhmm…nate and I saw earthbad dome at Dancing Rabbit, but you know I love the BRICKS more as its easier than earthbag filling, right guys?

    love love love
    (all you need is!)
    Amatul & Nate

  7. Andrius Kulikauskas

    Inga and all, Wonderful!

    Inga, do you have a deepest value in life which includes all of your other values? For example, mine is “living by truth” and Franz’s is “recognizing efficacies, how things fit together well”. This helps us organize around your leadership.

    Also, thank you, Marcin, Jeremy, Ben, for supporting our work for Mornflake cereal and their online video competition and developing an outreach to UK online communities.

  8. Inga

    Hi Andrius and all,

    Franz has been my tutor this evening regarding the Wiki and the Blog and I think I’ve got it ( a little at least!)

    To your question regarding my ‘core life values’ I would have to say it’s honesty, the truth. When I was about 3 or 4 years old my father told my two sisters and myself: “if you want to lie, you need to have a very good memory to be able to remember, which lie you told which person.” Right then I decided not ever to waste precious energy on something so useless.

    When I told Franz of this value of mine, he suggested I should also give some insight on how I envision the global construction of “Inga’s House”. I can picture wonderful people all over the globe who can follow me into my heart and into my head to see and feel “my” house. I also see them talking to each other virtually and face to face to discuss even the seemingly smallest detail of this joint creation. All of them will fill this house with their love and devotion to their various crafts. Already I can feel this energy pulsating in my veins, making me feel even more alive! This is so exciting and exhilarating I can barely stand it!!

    Should you or anyone have questions, please contact me via email or Skype (ingeburg66) and let’s make this beautiful baby to grow into the physical reality, too. If my arms were long enough I’d hug the whole world!


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  11. Lisa

    Good luck, Inga. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!