Marcin Jakubowski at the University of Klagenfurt

Last weekend we took Marcin Jakubowski ( from the Subversive Fair in Linz ( to Carinthia. On Tuesday evening we had the event “Open Source Ecology & mobility” ( at the university of Klagenfurt. And on Wednesday we brought Marcin to Weiz. Here you can find an overview of his whole trip through Austria (

These have been exhausting but exciting days for us! Inga – the english trainer ( has been our very special help. She has done the interpretation of the event but also the host of Marcin in Klagenfurt and his shadow during his trip through Austria. She will be with him until he leaves Austria. Furthermore she will visit e factor farm in Missouri during one month in summer this year to see what the have built up there and to work with them. Gorgeous!

There have been so many people at the event in Klagenfurt, I never expected. (I was afraid, that we would stand there in front of 5 to 10 people, but there were about 50). I liked to see many people in the audience, I have never seen before, many of them are part of the bartering circle. For them OSE is a big opportunity.

Andreas Exner ( has written a great report about the event (in German) ( ), big thanks! After the event Transition Klagenfurt was founded (, a community open for all persons interested in energy policy!

We hope, that many common projects will follow. We are planing a project for OSE with a technical school in Klagenfurt. Also OSE wiki pages in German will be set up. My husband Erich ( will do the coordination and asks for help from all of you.

Best wishes to you


  1. Ama

    check Dr Dieta Biebel near Munich, a friend of mine, a dear associate of my mothers, a magical bilingual German goddess of mind, spirit soulful mother earth woman. I KNOW Dr Biebel will be interested, and will write to her about these exciting developments. Love to all at Factor-E farm. heeey, THE KING! THE KING!….Dont ever get too big to talk to the “little people” ya knows it to be true…

    LOVE and PEACE
    I’m headed to work in Maine. then a community in Virginia… I think thats my June 2009… perhaps I can come work with you in August or September? What do you think of that concept?

    617 899-8430


  2. Mark

    Hmmm… Where in Virginia? Anywhere near Floyd County?

  3. amatul

    Well, all over! as I’ve been invited (with Nate) to interview outside Frederick MD, and WWOOFing alone outside Scottsville, VA and with Nate again outside Mineral, VA
    why, where are you – in Virginia? Wheres Floyd County, and should we come take a lookseen at a community there? =) do tell!

  4. amatul

    Ahhh, I see.. your Deep Creek is much nicer than Deep Creek Lake second-homers-playground outside Oakland MD/ Friendsville WV….
    you post:
    “Floyd County has a population of 15,000 covering an area of 243,840 acres. That makes an average of 16 acres per person, probably more like 65 acres per family.

    It is not much different from Cicely in Northern Exposure. The people are friendly. You’ll always find the same crowd hanging in the coffee shops, especially when there is music going on.”

    Sounds fun, like nice people
    Maybe our wandering ways in search of the community to live and work in will being us by one day. Namaste and Peace
    Ama & Nate

  5. Franz Nahrada

    For all those who want to follow up in Austria there is a German Language discussion forum in the Transition Austria NING:

    There will be also a German version of a weblog with translations of posts and videos, but this will come a bit later.

  6. Mark

    Yes, Ama, it’s a place where residents drive to the one stoplight at the center of the County on a Friday night to play music in the streets together.

    If you like bigger festivals, come at the end of July for FloydFest.

  7. […] just got a copy of this TV interview that we did back on the OSE tour in Austria. Michaela from Earthship Austria organized this particular event. The interview took place at a local TV […]

  8. Churchill Davenport

    Hey this is Churchill. I was wondering what the best route was towards getting an internship or to volinteer over the summer. I am studying environmental science and sustainability studies. 443 857-4826