CEB Block Production – Day 1

We are pressing CEB bricks and digging the foundation for our CEB/living roof/solar design addition. See for yourself:

We’ve got thousands left to press, got to go. Support us while we go to work. $10 suggested donations. We have $1074 collected for the November crowd funding cycle.


  1. Andreas

    Wow, wow wow.
    Cool stuff guys, where are you guys located at?
    What kind of work / volunteer program is happening there for interested persons?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Marcin

    Andreas, we are in the Kansas City area. We are looking for project managers, collaborators, and resources for any of the technologies at . This means implementing these at Factor e Farm. If you are interested in joining the Factor e Team, email us. We are presently pressing bricks, and need help as well. We will be pressing until November 23.

  3. Marcin

    By the way, this made the Wired Magazine blog –

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  6. Architect Dahale S S, India

    Dear ;
    Impressed and interested , would like to set up something like this that an work along with Indian conditions , has to be ecofreindly with little pollution , contact with illustration , photos , videos , minimal of costs;