LifeTrac II: Frame

Here are some additional details from Sean’s video documentation work regarding the frame of the open source tractor – LifeTrac – Prototype II. William discusses some of the details on the frame, which was introduced in a previous post. From Sean’s videos so far, I like this one the most so far for its aesthetic qualities. You can read more about LifeTrac Prototype I here.


  1. Edward Miller

    Using bolts is fabulous. Will there literally be no welding at all? You guys really are building an erector set for civilization, huh.

    1. Marcin

      There will be a few welds where bolts are impossible, such as wheel mounting plates – but the welds are not many.

  2. Manu Järvinen

    Very nicely made documentary material, good work Sean!
    Can’t wait to see the finished version 🙂
    This will be a huge benefit to OSE and hopefully attract a lot of new true fans

  3. Sean

    Thank you Manu, I just checked out your website and love your work. It means a lot coming from a talented animator like yourself!

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  6. Manu Järvinen

    Thank you very much Sean, I appreciate it very much : )

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  9. shodan

    if welding is a problem, then why not make a datalogging constant current/constant voltage AC/DC MIG+TIG+Plasma cutter with HF starting, controllable pulse duty water cooled open source welding machine ?

    it can’t be all that hard to vastly improve on the DIY designs and incorporate stuff from the commercial welders (and re-use some of their parts and consumables, like the tips and welding whips)

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