Open Source Tractor Update

William has been here for 2 months already, and here’s his second Dedicated Project Visit report. Don’t miss this video if you want to see 3D models and a time-lapse video of LifeTrac II – the second prototype of the open source tractor – coming together. You can read about our first prototype here.

The Bill of Materials for the frame, plus most of the hydraulics, are up on the wiki development page, as is the frame fabrication procedure. Regarding the hydraulics, we are building upon the past experience from LifeTrac I, and simplifying the design significantly. See the LifeTrac prototype II wiki Category page for other supporting information, and the Open+Pario repository for the Blender 3D files and .dxf files for loader height analysis. Here are a couple more videos explaining the hydraulics:
To understand the hydraulics design, start with the past work on the wiki, put the components together, and pay attention to the continuity of flow principle.


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