Economy in a Box Presentation Report

Two weeks ago we presented on the Economy in a Box at Noisebridge in San Francisco, California – organized by the Bay Area Community Exchange. This is the most up to date report on the thinking and progress of Factor e Farm and Open Source Ecology, and is a 30 minutes (plus Q&A) worth watching.  We cover one tactical approach – for the creation of local economies and politics – backed by the substance of local resource use. We cover The Liberator Full Product Release as a case in point for demonstrating open business models. We start with an overview based on the Humanity+ presentation, and end with the Economy in a Box concept.

Marcin Jakubowsi at Noisebridge from East Bay Pictures on Vimeo.

The Q&A from the event is forthcoming, and you can also see the report on the event from BACE.

Some links for the presentation are:

Reports on the LifeTrac II prototype, Will’s second month Dedicated Project Visit report, open source honey extractor, open source heavy duty drill press, 3 minute documentary on Factor e Farm, open source chicken incubator, Factor e Farm summer agriculture walkthrough – are all backlogged and are forthcoming.

While we are on the topic of presentations, check out this talk by Juliet Schor, bestselling author, discussing her latest book – Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth. Look at minute 37:18, where she discusses Factor e Farm for about a minute out of her 40 minute presentation.

Juliet Schor: Plenitude from toddboyle on Vimeo.


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  2. Bob Dring

    I enjoyed the presentation but was disappointed that you couldn’t get the audience to be quiet. The extraneous noise was very distracting. Why do people go to a presentation to learn something new and then talk all the way through it?

    Bobd Sydney, Australia

    1. Marcin

      The noise came from other areas of the Noisebridge hackerspace, and our room didn’t have walls going to the ceiling to shut the noise off.

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  14. Jean Maier

    Don’t you need iron ore and a steel mill to get the components of your machines?

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