GVCS Project Timeline and Scalability

How long will it take to develop the Global Village Construction Set? It depends. It depends on the level of support that the project is able to attract. The toughest part of gathering support is explaining the project so that people wrap their head around the concept – to understand that it’s possible. It’s possible because we’re not inventing anything new, and the amount of resources necessary to make it happen is not particularly large. If people understand the possibility, then they have the necessary fuel to get excited about the implied prospects of post-scarcity economies. Here’s a little more discussion on this topic:

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  1. rudolf

    hi Marcin,

    i came to know the resilient communities concept last year, and am on pursue of a new way of life
    for many reasons, it’s not the case of me moving to missouri to get to know and help the project 🙂

    but i’d really like to jump in and help spread and implement the idea
    – could contact me by mail?

    cheers, mate
    and thx for the lead