Report From the Humanity+ Summit

You can view a video of my presentation on building post-scarcity, resilient communities from the Humanity+ Summit here. This is a short summary of applications of the Global Village Construction Set.

This blog post ended up being quite a collection of post-scarcity related videos, not just from the Summit. We begin with some other favorites from the conference:

Joseph Jackson’s potent discussion on the economic system after scarcity, reaffirming that we don’t need new technology to solve pressing issues:

Watch live video from techzulu on

Watch live video from techzulu on

Here is allied work on open manufacturing from Bryan Bishop and Ben Lipkowitz:

Here is Patri Friedman from Seasteading – discussing governance as a technology that can be improved. Patri states that rules, not technology, materials, intelligence, or productivity, are more relevant to prosperity. Experimentation with governance is his main positioning for the Seasteading project:

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Here’s Edward Miller, who you may have seen on this blog before discussing how to build a better system:

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If you would like to find out more about the transhumanist movement, see this interesting overview presentation by Dr. James Hughes. He puts the transhumanist movement in perspective with the historical enlightenment period and with other social movements:

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Bonus: Steve Omohundro on the global brain:

Watch live video from techzulu on that Joseph Jackson mentioned in his talk:

Finally, while we’re at it, here is a 9 minute history of corporatism by Douglas Rushkoff:

Life Inc. The Movie from Douglas Rushkoff on Vimeo.

And, to top it off, here is a TED Talk on mind-body-spirit connection from a person qualified to provide a legitimate account to the skeptic concerning the world beyond reason. The speaker came back from the dead to say this:


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