Torch Table Progress

I’ve been working fast and furious on another one month project proposal and finishing up the Torch Table. Saturday I hit a milestone which I thought I would share. We have possibly the largest, open source, computer controlled drawing table!
See the progress:

Torch Table Build Part 4 from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.


Torch Table Part 5 from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

Chip In: we still have a way to go:


  1. Stephan

    Could you please scale the imager smaller.

    There is no need for a 2560px × 1920px image in this blog post. And this image is fat like hell, 2 MB!

    Scaling would save ressources everywhere in the www

  2. Lucas

    Can you draw “OSE”? Don’t use time you’d use for other things. Just curious. There’ll be time for that, with prototype 2.

    Great videos. Thanks!

  3. Erlend

    Have you considered using a waterjet instead of a plasmacutter? It could be more versatile/accurate in the materials it can cut and given that it does not require the inert gas, maybe more sustainable as far as its consumables are concerned. Probably more expensive though, given the need to protect the frame from oxidation and allow for a ‘bath’ to collect the water and possibly abrasives.

    1. Lawrence

      Yes, we considered using a water jet. Part of the problem is initial cost of the systems. Plasma cutting is much more accessible for a first run. Looking at waterjet technology, it will definitely improve the quality of the work environment, but right now a water jet system for what we want to do would cost about 100x what we can pay.

  4. fxtronic

    Hi,exelente very great job are you doing,im very interesting aplicar de concept of de open source to a comunity.and good look with de zeitgeist and the venus proyect interviu.sorry for mi ingles.saludos desde Argentina.