Factor e Farm. We are not a factory farm. Rather, we are a farm of ecology, experiments, and exponents, evolving to freedom.

e is a transcendental number. It is the growth rate of any natural system. e is our existance.

Factor e Farm is the first experiment of Open Source Ecology, a not for profit organization dedicated to education, research, and development of tools for responsible living. The challenge is to see how prosperous humanity can become on a small scale. Can we create advanced, largely self-sufficient civilization on the scale of a farm? What else is needed?

The method is open source. Open source is a collaboration of designs and ideas, which are shared freely in the public domain. For everyone. Anyone has access to them. Anyone can change the plans to suit their personal locale and interests. And everyone is encouraged to participate: build, critique, and share.

This is a chance to create tools for responsible living that are:

Ecological: whole system; respectful of life; integrated.

Experimental: risk-taking is essential for both personal and product growth. Open source development allows for the risk to be shared and thus a better product at lower costs.

Exponential: non-linear thinking and action.

Evolve humanity towards freedom: what do you want out of life? Freedom of spirit, time, and ideas are at the top of our list.

In these pages you will find the unfolding story of how we started with raw land, and what we are up to on an ongoing basis. We encourage you to share your thought: click on “comment” at the end of any entry.